Things we can learn from Rock On!

Some times even movies can teach us a lot. Probably everyone of us has seen the movie ROCK ON, here are some things which I thought we can learn from it.

1. Talent must be MARKETED, if properly shown to relevant people, it can reach new levels and set new benchmarks. (Joe, a great guitarist, does not want to tell people and give auditions)  If people don’t see your talent, how will they value it ?

Arjun RampalRock On
Market Yourself

2. What we’ve learnt must be shared with others and must not end if we end, it must go on. A true leader always always creates a 100 more leaders (Joe and KD started a business of nurturing new talent) .

Rock On Arjun Rampal_Promote new talent
Promote new talent

3. We all make mistakes but the point is do we learn from our mistakes and move on keeping in mind that we won’t make the same mistake again. (Joe realized that Aditya was not wrong, it was the situation and the circumstances that made him feel so,  which he understood and came back).

Rock On_Magik reunited for that second chance
Magik reunited for that second chance

4. Life does not offer a second chance to everyone, but if that chance is given do we grab it with both hands ? I guess most of us let that chance go ! (Magik grabbed that chance and performed once again on stage, and I don’t need to say that it did remarkably well).

5. Money is not the only criteria to be successful and happy in life. (Aditya is very successful and has everything in life what an ideal person would want to, but was Aditya happy living that life? All of us know the answer, there are other things in life that are important in life to keep us happy.

Rock On Farhan Akhtar_Criteria for success - Money?
Criteria for success – Money?

6. You must set your priorities right, there are a 100 different things to do for everyone at an given point of time, it’s WE who have to take that correct decision based on the importance. (Rob could have met that producer whom Anu Malik wanted to meet him, but he knew his priorities – Magik).

Rock On Magik compromise_Learn to Compromise
Learn to Compromise

7. We all have to make compromises in life at some stage, we should LEARN do that, sometimes a successful compromise can take us a long journey (Had Magik completed their first album according to the director’s needs, the album being a HIT, they would have dictated terms from the next album, unfortunately, they DIDN’T) .

Rock On Farhan and Arjun_Learn to forgive
Learn to forgive

8. Sometimes even our “bestest” friends do something bad to us, but they don’t do it intentionally, we should find out the reasons, and best part is FORGIVE them. No point in carrying a heavy heart all through your life. Needless to say, your friend should be worth the forgiveness.

Rock On Farhan, Arjun, Purab_Friends Forever
Friends Forever

9. Best friends are forever, no matter how good or bad the times we face, real friends will always be at your side.

10. When resources are less and we really need something. that’s the time when we have be INNOVATIVE (Magik really needed the money and Aditya was innovative enough to sing old songs with Rock Touch).

Rock On Dandiya_Learn to innovate
Learn to innovate

Last but the most important point, Live your Dreams ! Someone has correctly said

Dreams are not those which you see while asleep, but they DON’T let you sleep

In order to ROCK ON, you must have a Dream !

Rock On Dreams_Live your dreams
Live your dreams

Well, those are the things I learnt, it’s not an exhaustive list, probably you can something more. Drop in your learnings in the comments section. Highly appreciated.

16 thoughts on “Things we can learn from Rock On! Add Yours?

  • All power is within you. you can do anything and everyhing………Just believe in that

    ” Aditya ka ek sapna tha, ki Magik ki ek van hogi aur usme hum sab bas chalte chale jayenge.hmmmm!!!!!!!!!! us umar me toh sab sochte hain ki duniya jeet lenge”

    Rock on is not about realizing your dreams it is about sustaining them, sans ego and granting respect to ur friends. We all fight with our friends and it it they who hurt us the most but the joy is not at the end right… its in the journey..
    Gr8 job sahai,,, its all bout sustaining your dreams with sheer perseverance nd toil nd you have observed and bought that out 4rm the movie!!!!!!!!! thumbs up 4 this….


  • “Rock On Hai Yeh Waqt ka Ishara,Rock On Jindagi Na Milegi Dubara”
    these two lines says everything.Man you have got just just one life and
    still you’re doing things that pleases others and not you.
    At the time you’re lying on your death-bed you must never regret and says
    “KAASH”(i wish) i would have tried that.Just remove this KAASH from your life.
    Do what makes you feel happy n that’s the only way to live,otherwise many are breathing
    around without any reason,without any dream in their eyes.

    @Sahai Great Work.

  • i knw most of the people has seen this movie …and still remember the song “Pichhle Saat Dino Mein Maine Khoya” , “Rock On Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara” and of course “Sindbad The Sailor”… but very few has seen this movie the way you did …. gr8 thought buddy … and thanks for sharing your thought with us…
    And at last i just wanted to copy and paste a line from your post …
    “Dreams are not those which you see while asleep, but they DON’T let you sleep”

  • @all thanks for the comments and your time.

    @djashish : thanks for compliementing the post with you great insights. well said buddy, I guess, we’ve already used the “Kaash” word a few times, lets make it a point we never have to say that again.

    @nikesh : thanks for the compliment bro, sometimes we just feel that we’ve discovered something and it gives great pleasure when we share it with our friends, that’s what prompted me to write it!
    and you don’t need to say thanks for sharing, because i hope i can bring out some more of those 🙂

    @abhinavtrivedi : thanks dear, hope all of us sustain in doing exactly that. That last line was just AWESOME 🙂

  • this has been a silent predator
    never liked the lines in the first place just found the film good. related to the feel of being on the stage singing in front of 100 peoples.
    just brought back the good old memories of my band.
    that was all at the first place but but slowly:
    a verse from this movie really predated and made me feel really strongly about it.
    it is a line which has stood through me ALWAYS like my very dear friends and i have made it my mantra for life.


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