Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?

When I told my friend/colleague/mentor that I want to be an entrepreneur, along with a few other questions, he asked me ‘Why’ . I took some time but answered it honestly with what I was feeling. I am sure it made sense to him as he later on partnered with me to start my business.

A couple of days back I was sitting among a group of entrepreneur and we were again asked the same question. Most of us had our answers but 1 of the participant gave answers which kind of didn’t settle in my brain. She started answers with “Because I don’t want this…..”. Most of her answers had ‘this shouldn’t happen’, or ‘not because of…’

Well, in my humble opinion, becoming an entrepreneur (or doing any job in life) should not come from the “Not this, hence..”. Your reason to become an entrepreneur can’t be “Not because of…” or ‘Because I don’t want to do a job’ or ‘Because I don’t want this to happen’ etc. It should start from – why you want to do it! Find a reason to accomplish any task in life instead of making it an excuse for doing something else, the momentum won’t survive!

Agree? disagree? thoughts? Your experience?

Originally posted on DARE.

How much is enough?

Yesterday I went to the Delhi Blogathon, a bloggers meet. Apart from the other interesting stuff and people, there was this really interesting gentleman who could mimic accents of various countries. He’s even played a tiny role in the Bollywood movie Band Baaja Baraat.

Post the event, I got a chance to converse with him. When we discussed about his livelihood, he said he used to be a teacher till sometime back but then he quit in his early 40’s. He does shows at events for a living. He even makes sure returns home by 5 (mostly) and cooks dinner, as he loves to cook. He mentioned that his wife also works and normally comes back around 6. We happened to ask him whether he’s able to manage with just doing shows? Is that enough?To this he answered that they manage to sustain their lifestyle fairly comfortably. Yes, he has kids too.

He then mentioned about a friend of his.

This guy goes to work at 8 in the morning, comes back around 8-9 and then goes to play badminton. His friends wife leaves for office around 9 and comes back only around dinner time. They have dinner and then they sleep. In the midst of all this they have a 16 year old daughter……

After saying this he looked into our eyes and said:

You decide how much is enough?!?

Update: Uncle Andy pointed out some corrections in the comments about his work: i do not do shows..i do voice overs and some acting…and my wife gets home at 730/8…delhi traffic!.