I was talking to a friend and he was complaining about no conversions. And i told him, at this time, how are you even expecting conversions. He had no answer. No one on the earth has the answer to that. 

After the call I started thinking, yes, everybody ‘wants’ something, but no one is willing to ‘give’. So why don’t we give? Ever since the lockdown happened, I’ve donated to 4 different NGOs. And every time I’ve donated, I’ve shared about the NGOs with a few friends. Some people say that now is the time to save, and not give. My answer to them is, didn’t you save on petrol for the last 15 days? Or on ordering from Zomato/Swiggy/Uber Eats? Or on your cigarette and beer? And maybe on more such things that you’d be spending if you were going out? So why not ‘give’, because right now, a lot of people ‘want’ it. And they cannot ask for it. 

By the way, money is not the only thing you can give. There is another precious resource, time. If you have old people in your house or in your family, you could spend some time with them. Talk to them. Ask them stories about the 2008 recession. Or the one in 1991. Or maybe the 1984 emergency – trust me, there are some great stories to hear.

And then, think for yourself, what stories are you going to tell you children? Or your grandchildren?  What did you do when this pandemic happened? Trust me, you want to tell them happy stories, and the great things you did, to make this world a better place for them. But to tell those stories 30 years later, you need to act now. 

// posted during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 //

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