10 things to learn from 3 Idiots

3 Idiots, the biggest blockbuster of the hindi movie industry, a movie everyone saw and enjoyed too. Why did everyone love it? It was because it talked about points which we all wanted to do/implement in our life but never really did. Probably no one looked at small instances where we can apply some of them. Just thought about 10 small things which I learned and wish to share with you.

Life is a race – I dont think so

1. Life is a race – I dont think so. Ladki, bus, train and even exams/job – ek baar gye to dubara fir aate hain (girl, bus, train and even exams/job – all come back after some time so no point in running after them).

Apply your knowledge

2. Apply what you’ve learnt in school/college/job. Knowledge is of no use if you don’t apply it.

Fear – man's biggest enemy

3. Fear – man’s biggest enemy – It actually is, 2nd is Desires. Kill both of them, NOW!

4. Marks are not the only thing that students should be looking for – there are so many live examples – Sachin Tendulkar is the simplest one.
In the case of professionals – Trainings/certifications/Ratings : that’s not the only thing.

Letters need to be posted

5. Letters need to be posted, not to be kept in the bag, we have nothing to lose. Remember the famous song from Hrithik’s 1st movie – “Khali haath aaye hain hum, khali haath jaenge”.

Lying sometimes helps

6. Lying sometimes helps – really – as long as it does some good to someone. [Mind you – SOMETIMES]

7. The last step towards our goal is the most difficult but is the most important also. Had Farhan never said to his dad, he would have never become a photographer.

the last step towards our goal is the most difficult but is the most important also

8. Parents are happy if we are happy. Nothing gives them more satisfaction than that. Forget about what neighbors/relatives/acquaintances will think. According to the circle of life, there is a very small closed set of people that matter to you in your life. Recognize them and make sure you don’t hurt them. Rest will be knocking at the door of your circle, some enter and move out while some never even enter. Very few stay there forever.

Its really difficult to find friends like those in real life

9. Its really difficult to find friends like those in real life. Don’t try to find them, you will come to know who they are when the situations arise. Remember the saying which we learnt in kindergarten “A friend in need is a friend indeed“. So if/when you find them – never ever let them go.

Friends are forever

10. Necessity is the mother of invention. I know what’s shown in the movie is almost impractical but all of us come across situations in life where need to innovate. Invent then!

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Bonus point: This one is personal, maybe you won’t agree – bookish knowledge is waste, ALMOST always. Don’t need to mention, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates etc etc, never completed education! Had they, there would have been no Windows and no iPods!

Bookish knowledge is waste

Its difficult or almost impossible to follow all the learnings but the more we are able to do that, the more we can be satisfied of our lives. Its all about being satisfied and happy at the age of 70, not about the number of zeros we have in our bank accounts!

Do share with me what you’ve learnt or applied out of these or something else which I didn’t notice.

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