PVR Cinemas Sucks! Especially the Gold Class

No, I am not going to complain about the poor PVR Cinemas website which rarely works.

What do you expect when you go to a movie paying a thousand bucks for a single ticket?

1. Sitting just a few feet away from the screen, which makes you feel like you bought a 1st row morning show ticket for 50 bucks?

2. The recliner where you are seated doesn’t work? Yes it just stays where it is and does not allow you to stretch your legs!

3. On complaining, 1st staff member unsuccessfully tries, sends a 2nd one who tells you he’ll back in 2 minutes, but those 2 minutes never end, at least till the time the movie ended!

4. You are told you won a gift, yes after spending 4,000+ on tickets you should get some reward, but nobody is aware what is it about and none knows who will handover your gift to you and return disgusted after meeting some 4 different people, all with different answers!

I am sure none of you expects this when you spend so much. Well, this is what I experienced when I went to watch Harry Potter last Sunday at the much talked about PVR Cinemas Gold Class.

The seat was so close to the screen that I had to keep looking up and down to watch the movie, at least till I somehow managed to find some sort of comfort that would allow me to view the screen in one shot. Reason, my recliner was not working and I just could not stretch my legs and be at ease. Yes, I have been to Gold Class of other cinemas, they are not so close to the screen.

Well, I thought that it can happen, not a big deal, what disgusted me was the attendant 1st a lady couldn’t do anything, sent another guy, the guy after trying for a couple of minutes said that he would be back in a minute. HE NEVER CAME BACK. Obviously, I wanted to see the movie more than anything else and didn’t bother to look for helpers in the theater, none of whom could be found then!

If this was not enough, nobody seems to be aware that there was merchandise/gifts to be given. We asked 4 people about that, here’s what they said:
1st Person: Sir, I don’t about it, please find out at the ticket counter.
2nd Person (at the ticket counter): Sir this is not available as of now, you may on Wednesday Morning or Thursday Night, yes you read that right, “Wednesday morning or Thursday night” and not the vice versa!

We still had hopes, that’s our fault I guess, as we got the sms a 2nd time between the movie, so we thought maybe it’s there now, so let’s ask again
3rd Person: Sir, I have no clue about this. I will ask my supervisor.
4th Person (Supposedly Supervisor): [Reads the sms, seems clueless] Sir, this has not reached us, please check by Monday eve or Tuesday morning.

C’mon, we are working people and can’t come again and again especially on a weekday to find that out!

All I can say is that is was a great collection of poor customer service, bad management and unaware staff! Wondering how will they survive in such a competitive market with such characteristics!

You go to a movie expecting at least a good movie experience, forget the money that you spend, it may be any amount! Am I asking too much?

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