Inbound Marketing Agencies in India

Inbound marketing is still in its nascent stages in India. And every time I talk about it, I see people getting more and more interested in it. Honestly, if you really spend time understanding it, you will notice that it’s worth exploring for your business 🙂

And then when people who are or get convinced about inbound marketing, they come back with the same question often, “Can you share the names of a few inbound marketing agencies in India?”. Since I could never find a list that I could refer to, so I  thought to make my own.

Disclaimer: I don’t know any of the agencies personally, apart from Niswey, and so the list is just names based on what was found on Google. So if you’re looking for an inbound marketing agency, here’s your goto list! (Last updated: February 21, 2018)

You can also view the list of HubSpot Certified Inbound Marketing Agencies in India on their partner directory page.

Thanks to #INBOUND17, I had the chance to meet some of the partners and relate/connect to a few of them now 🙂

Have categorized them based on cities.

  • Agencies in Delhi/NCR
      • Niswey: Niswey delivers ROI-driven inbound marketing to enable companies grow. With their content-driven approach which is strongly supported by analytics, they help customers  generate qualified leads from their websites. This helps their customers in building brands online and increasing web traffic in a sustainable manner. They are a HubSpot Silver Certified Partner.
      • Inbound Mantra:  Inbound mantra is a ROI focused inbound marketing agency, they have delivered business in India and US. They are a HubSpot Gold Certified Partner
        • Services: Inbound Marketing, B2B and B2C Lead Generation,Search Engine Optimization, Inbound Strategy, Social Media, Email Campaigns, Hubspot Services, Content Marketing, Website And User Analytics
      • NCMborz– They manage strategy, communications, websites, inbound marketing and online advertising performance.
        • Services: Digital Marketing, Web Design And Development, Content Writing, ORM
      • MWG: MWG / is the content marketing agency for world’s leading firms. We specialize in content that delivers ROI for clients, including Fortune 500 companies in US, Europe and Asia.
        • Services: Inbound Marketing, Social Selling,Content Repurposing, Video Marketing,On-Demand Publishing, Localization
      • Consurgys: Consurgys is a collective effort of professionals from varied backgrounds who believe in systematic approaches.
        • Services: Content Development, Web Consulting, Digital Marketing, Branding and Consulting, Image and Graphics, Translation Services, E-commerce Services, Data Entry Services, Application Development
      • Digital Flic– A Team That Offers Memorable Experiences in Every Project With a Keen Eye for Even the Minutest Details
        • Services: Strategy & Planning, Creative & Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Data & Analytics, Maintenance
      • ArmWorldwide– At #arm we love to work with businesses/brands to be able to achieve the planned & go beyond.
        • Services:Digital Marketing, PR, Content Marketing, Technology & Analytics
      • Konnect Infoline– Konnect Infoline Inbound Marketing Agency offers full service content marketing, inbound marketing, and graphic design services for growing companies.
        • Services: SEO, Pay Per Click, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Content Optimization, Web Development
  • Agencies in Mumbai/ Pune
      • Brand Metasis– Brand Metasis is a result driven Integrated Inbound marketing agency that help transform your brand into a sales and marketing magnet with well designed online presence, compelling content, creative marketing designs and precisely targeted inbound marketing.
        • Services: Inbound Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media
      • Lotus Inbound– It is a unified marketing product that enables a variety of channels, measurably enhancing marketing and sales productivity. Lotus Inbound is purpose-built for the needs of medium to large businesses in India.
        • Service:  Inbound Marketing
      • BM Consulting– BM Consulting is India’s leading organization in Inbound Marketing, they believe in helping your corporation grow through the internet network
        • Services: Inbound Marketing, Web Design, Digital Marketing, e commerce
      • Buzz Factory– Buzzfactory is a 360 degree social media & digital consulting agency that partners with businesses to spearhead strategy & execution of their digital initiatives.
        • Services: Social Media Engagement Starter Plan, Blog & Inbound Marketing Starter Plan, 360 Degree Social Media Pro Plan, SEM PPC & Digital Marketing Campaign Management, Mobile Engagement & Campaigns, Mobile & Social App Development, Customized Solutions
      • BluenoteCreative–  They develop effective content strategies for forward thinking companies.
        • Services: Web Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing,Sales Optimization, Inbound Marketing
  • Agencies in Ahmedabad
      • Search Native: A bunch of enthusiastic, geeks, that wouldn’t rest until you get a branding experience beyond all expectations.
        • Services: Web development, Inbound Marketing, SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media
  • Agencies in Bangalore
      • Transfunnel: At TransFunnel services, we offer to you end-to-end marketing automation consultancy services. In theory, marketing automation makes your inbound marketing efforts easier.
      • Fuegosys– Young, smart and artists of our own accord, have one objective; to make brands people love, bring together passionate, young, creative and out of the box thinkers.
        • Services: Inbound Marketing Services
      • Inboundsys– Inboundsys is an offshore Web Development & Inbound Marketing Agency based at Bangalore, India, providing quality & cost-efficient services Worldwide.
        • Services: HubSpot COS, Inbound Marketing, Web Services, E-commerce, Responsive Web Design, Hubspot Integration, Graphic Design, Marketing Videos
      • Esanosys–  Esanosys is a marketing automation agency which helps clients implement marketing automation and realize it’s full potential with best in class content, creatives and deliverables.
        • Services: Marketing Automation, Inbound Marketing, Sales Automation, SEO, Content, SEM, Social, Email, PR
      • B2B Inbound – B2b Inbound Is A Globally Recognised Indian Hubspot Partner Agency
        • Services: Hubspot COS Design, Hubspot Inbound Marketing, Hubspot Integration, Web Development, ECommerce, Creative Design
      • Blufig–  Blufig is what happens when mavericks of their own walks get together over coffee and coincidences. Diverse careers in branding, technology, marketing, and design come together to give you Blufig.
        • Services: Inbound marketing, Content and creative, Digital marketing
  • Agencies in Hyderabad
      • High Purple– Highpurple is an Inbound Marketing company that helps companies attract, engage, convert, and delight customers. It has a game plan for your success vision.
        • Service: Inbound Marketing
      • Pyrite– We offer digital marketing services in Hyderabad with SEO, Local, social media and content marketing to increase your overall business and eCommerce sales.
        • Services: SEO, Social Media, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing,  e commerce SEO services
      • Triple Horn– Triplehorn is a Digital marketing agency primarily focusing on Responsive web strategy & Inbound Marketing for all types of organizational establishments.
        • Services: Web strategy, SEO, Inbound Marketing
      • The Smarketers– Inbound marketing and sales company.
        • Services: Web design, Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales, Workshops
      • FractionalCMO – Fractional CMO is pretty new, started recently in 2017 and in their language, they ‘Help Start-ups to scale and grow the business’.
        • Services: Inbound Marketing, Content, SEO, PPC
        • Note/Warning: Don’t go by their claim that they are the only/top/premier certified agency in India. (HubSpot doesn’t identify its partners by any such terms – check below screenshot for HubSpot’s certified top partners in India)
  • Agencies in Chennai
    • Mirror Minds– Their goal is to create long term business relationships and become your partner for years ahead and we strive to make working with Mirror Minds an experience you’re more than satisfied with.
      • Services: Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Web Applications, Virtual Branding, Mobile Application, Hosting Solutions
    • Inception Business Consulting– We at IBS, have created a plug-n-play solution- offering you instant access to a marketing team and services to fulfill several marketing roles.
      • Services: Marketing consulting, Inbound Marketing, Marketing coach

Last updated: 21 February 2018

Note: with the list getting traction, I’ve been getting requests from all sort of digital agencies to this list. For each such request, I try to verify the company/services/HubSpot affiliation etc. and then accept the ones which qualify. To ensure full transparency, below is a screenshot of HubSpot’s India Tiered Partner Directory Page.

HubSpot Partners India

HubSpot Tiered Partner Agencies in India

Keep Looking, Don’t Settle!

October 2005. I was in 2nd year of my B.Tech. and had a school friend visit me. I don’t remember how the conversation started but what I do remember is that I told him I’ll be an entrepreneur.

He replied: which branch (in engineering) are you in?
Me: Computer Science (He was doing the same course in some other college and was 1 year ahead)
He: So you think you will get a million dollar product idea and start a software company?
Me: Maybe, some day

6 years later, I founded Niswey – a digital marketing services company. In those 6 years I got an engineering degree – which was of no use, quit 3 jobs, failed one startup and gathered enough confidence (and contacts) to start another company. Today, having run Niswey for 4 years (3 years 11 months to be exact), and having worked with a number of clients, I figured a problem. So I carved a solution, implemented and tested for one client, saw success and thus figured a business model around the solution, which forms the basis of my next company – Irayo! [More about Irayo in another blog post].

Had I not thought about starting a business then (in 2005), I would had not failed my first company, Zapylacz (in 2009), maybe not even started Niswey (in 2011) and hence would have never got the idea for this product company, Irayo.

It’s not an idea that occurred one night all of a sudden while drinking beer in a pub! (You’re lucky if you can do that) In most (human) cases, business ideas are the result of a long process, which includes, vision, hard work, discipline, lots of well-wishers and most importantly, consistent grind!

It’s actually what Steve Jobs once famously said, Keep Looking, Don’t Settle!

And by the way, in the midst of all this (from starting Niswey to starting Irayo), I cofounded a product company, Moneno, was among Nasscom’s ‘Top 10 Upcoming Products from India’ in 2011, which got covered in the media, almost secured funding and then failed!

Obviously I don’t know whether this will succeed or not, but, what’s more important here is, I am giving it a shot. Unless I try,  I will never know, after all, it’s good to fail 🙂

Inspiration behind the headline: