How to create your Brand-The Rakhi Sawant way

Update : I have intentionally put this update at the top. I have got a lot of people who have made comments on this article, no don’t look at the comments section, but to me personally on mail and calls, that they were not happy with this article. Let me be clear; I thoughtfully chose a topic which had a clear sarcasm in it. Rakhi Sawant is a gossip material and that’s what this article is meant to. In NO WAY do I promote the methodologies adopted by her to promote herself . The reading should be treated as things NOT TO BE DONE if you are a marketing or a branding person. For others the post is a pure fun to read.

I know I may be hated by the readers by writing about it, but believe it or not we can learn a lot of things from the Drama Queen.

All, ohk probably most, of us want to be a brand and become famous but are not able to do so. We have the skills but seeing this recent talk of the town I guess we have a point or two to learn.

First and the foremost thing is that talent alone is not the sole criteria, its publicity that plays a major role that will make you famous. Skill is a necessary condition but it is definitely not the sufficient condition. In my previous post I wrote about marketing your talent. Yes, that’s a very important point but I want to take your eyes to the tactic that Rakhi has used and used it better than enyone else. Get media publicity the WRONG way. Hardly people knew that the girl who did a couple of music videos and few movie item songs was Rakhi Sawant. But now, she’s a household name. Sometimes we have enough talent but don’t get the right/enough opportunities to show it. She made use of every opportunity. If I am not wrong, she shot into fame with the Mika Kiss Scandal. Got publicity on all those news channels who have more masala than news and eventually got more dance offers from movies and got a few TV reality show appearances as well.  Mission Accomplished I would say.

Result : Gets famous in a day all of a sudden, rules news channels for a week or so and in some cases gains public sympathy as well as anyone who cries on screen can easily get some emotional Indians sympathise her.

Second, if you can’t win, cry Cheating ! Everyone admitted that she was a good dancer, but when she was ousted on public voting in a reality show, she cried foul over the organizers claiming that the “votes were tampered”.

Result: Even though people like me who didn’t watch the show came to know about her and her dancing skills as it was again on all the masala-cum-news channels. Dancing skills proven, she starts getting more dancing offers in films, shows and no wonder her bank balance skyrocketed. Ofcourse she was famous by now !

Then comes third step and rather a mindblowing one. As people have a short memory and tend to forget things quickly, she comes with an ulmitate move, setting up a Swayamvar for herself. Marrying a person on a reality show! Who would think of that ? Are you Nuts , was my first reaction when I first heard of the show. Man, can you believe it ?  I don’t know whether it was all framed or real but bottomline is that the show managed to even get NRI’s to fight the others to marry her.  And guess what, the NRI wins ! Not sure whether the marriage will actually take place or not and the fact is who cares.

Result : Purpose of the show is solved. The show gets high TRP’s, especially because there were no cricket matches around the time of show being aired. Initially I also refrained from the show, but once when I saw it, I just couldn’t stop laughing. It was meant to be serious and emotional but it turned out to be absolutely foolish and idiotically funny and which was why even I watched it. But what surprised me more was that when I got back to work, logged into twitter, there were people who were updating about the show. News results all over the place. Ofcourse the masala-news channels had BREAKING NEWS. HAHA, I guess these news channels would run outta money if they don’t show this stuff. Everyone watched the show for various reasons and talking about her as well. Positive or negative but the point is SHE GOT PUBLICITY. I wonder what will up in those newspapers, but I guess being in Bangalore I can assume they won’t give her more than a small 5th or 6th page column.

Whatever ways she adopts, bottomline is she gets famous each time and does not let people forget her. Quoting a friend who just updated his facebook status which reads :

Rakhi sawant is a real celebrity , Hilton beware rakhi is coming, A real drama queen at it’s best on NDTV imagine ! don’t miss it

Update 1 : Latest news is that she even made it to the twitter trending topics.

Update 2 : Over 15 million watched ‘faisle ki raat’

16 thoughts on “How to create your Brand-The Rakhi Sawant way Add Yours?

  • On the top UPDATE. Jab log tumhare baare main baat karne lage to samajh lo tarraki kar rahe ho 😉

    On the post : I agree, positive or negative, publicity is good these days 😀

    PS: Resize images, embed videos.

  • hi sahai,
    this was pure fun to know..
    i hope it does not come as a thought to spare sometime about….
    it was pure fun nothing else…
    regular newspapers like hindu still are keeping away from such demeaning feats by some rakhi…
    thank god….
    i feel a new media house (may be by some entrepreur like you) come up with a tag line
    as name would sugested rakhi should have gone loking for a brother…….
    show named” rakhi ka bandhan”
    lets keep our lips sealed coz today is rakhi’s day

  • @debashish thanks a lot for your words, i think you are right on both the points. I guess am on “tarrakki”(growth). and yes publicity in any form is accepted these days.Image resized but video embedding still facing some problems. Any suggestions on that ?

    @abhisht don’t worry, this would never come as a thought. You know it I may have been surrounded by controversies in college days, I would never support forget adoption of those methodoligies.
    Let’s see what we see first, Rakhi’s Brother Hunt or Rakhi’s Swayanvar Season-2 😉

  • yep thats the problem, i tried dong that. what i got was barely a link, can’t understand what’s the problem. used to do it on my previous blog hosted on wordpress

  • Hey Abhinav , for embedding Videos don’t forget to change the WordPress editor mode from Visual to HTML , and if you are using live writer for this then you should , use the insert video option at the top or switch to , it’s really easy that way .

    @debasish Yes comments are stripped off by WordPress but same is not true for Posts .

  • Oh yes, I think I must have made that mistake.I realized it when a similar problem arose on Zapylacz blog. Anyways, thanks for the help.
    And as far as comments are concerned, “Commentluv” is the plugin, which i have not installed, to avoid some spam. Maybe i should install it 🙂

  • The next steps are to create your presence online – Facebook, … You should strike a conversation with people in a way as if they are your suspect … the word about your personal brand, even if it is “Rakhi K Sawant”. ..

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