I am an entrepreneur working in the digital marketing space. Founder/COO at Niswey (an Inbound Marketing Agency), Cofounder at Irayo (DIY SEO Software). I volunteer for BharatShikshaa, an NGO which provides free education to underprivileged children – video down below.

Life Goals:

  1. To set up a self sustainable ‘quality‘ education schooling system for the underprivileged
  2. To promote entrepreneurship as much as possible, to the extent that it becomes a norm, Good 2 Fail, plays a role here
  3. To help people figure out what they want to do in life and then actually help them do it, in short, make them follow their dreams. [In my circle, known, infamously, for making people quit their jobs 🙂 ]

Interested in entrepreneurship, solar energy, education, sports, technology esp open source and mentoring young/wannabe entrepreneurs or people who want to live life their own way 🙂

I take up speaking assignments, on topics primarily related to Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing.

At the IIT KGP Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive:

At a JIMS Convention:

Get in touch with me on Twitter or LinkedIn or write to me at me [at] abhinavsahai [dot] com

In order to provide free education to underprivileged children, here’s a short video of an NGO I am associated with – Mahapandit Rahul Sankrityayan Vidyalaya

7 thoughts on “About Add Yours?

  • Hi Abhinav,

    I landed on your blog post “flat, marriage and family..” and went through many other posts and I liked the way you blog, seems to be coming straight from heart :).

    I also went through your blog on “excel and you will get a mentor…”, I would like to get your advice on how to go about networking to find mentors and how do you decide who can be your mentor.

    Mehul Doshi

    • Hi Mehul,

      Thanks for writing in. Yes most of my blog posts do come straight from the heart 🙂

      On your question about finding mentors, I would suggest two things:

      1. Start attending a lot of events in your field of expertise/interest. You will find, apart from the ones those on the stage, there will be a lot of great people in the attendee list, a few of them would be your potential mentor too. Start listening to conversations that the senior people are having with the younger lot. Try and identify them by name as you *may* want to do a LinkedIn profile check for them, not to check their credibility but to see if he/she is someone whose field of expertise is valuable to you or not
      2. Start talking about your ideas/startup/work to people – not just potential mentors but also to people whom you think are interesting and would want to talk to. Don’t worry, an idea is worth nothing until executed and its always you who knows your idea better than anyone else and can execute it best, if at all. So talk about your ideas etc to people, if people find you meaty enough to execute it, they will automatically connect with you and mentors would automatically find you – through their network.

      The idea is not to build a huge network and then find out but it is to have a decent network where your work reaches the mentors’ network.

      Do keep in mind, like I wrote in that blog post, the above pointers would help you only when you’ve shown/done some stuff and demonstrated your prowess. Otherwise there are a lot of people who talk fluffy stuff in the country – mentors know that too 🙂

      All the best!

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