Waking up to death

5.15 AM: I get a call from one of my best friend. “He’s dead” is all he says before he burst out crying.

All I could manage to respond was “Shit” and then heard him cry for the next 2 minutes.

My friends’ childhood friend and current roommate was no more. All he lived was 28 years!

So what happened? Did he meet an accident? Not sure. Was he suffering from some disease? Nobody knows. But wait a minute, does that matter now? Whatever be the cause, its immaterial now.

So if it doesn’t matter then why am I writing? I don’t know. Maybe I got moved? But then I barely knew this person. 4-5 meetings during some group celebrations should not move me, no?

But there is something in my mind ever since I returned home after seeing his body being sent to his family (from the hospital to his hometown). That ‘something’ which rose from the statement my friend made, “he wanted to live, he really wanted”. I was wondering, ‘why?’

No, I have no clue about how his life was. But there must be ‘something’ which is why he wanted to live.

I woke up to his death. He left and the question is remains unanswered – why? What if you woke up to death tomorrow morning – To your own death! ‘Why do you want to live?’ Ask yourself….