Niswey is the name!

170 days ago since I wrote this blog post about making a career move. Not that I wasn’t working all this time, on the contrary was working so much maybe that I didn’t even have time to write the next update. Well, finally the partnership deed for my startup is signed off with Rahul Dewan and its actually his blog post earlier in the day that motivated me to write this post.

The name of the startup is ‘Niswey’, to be registered as an LLP. We really had a hard time coming with this name, partly due to our thoughts but primarily due to non availability of a .com domain name (yes, its really really tough to get a domain name of your choice these days). Before you ask me, Niswey means optimally, best in the Na’vi language, the language invented for the movie Avatar. Bizarre ? Hehe. But I am quite fancied by languages other than English or Hindi (my previous startup was named Zapylacz – meaning pollination in Polish ๐Ÿ™‚ )

About Rahul Dewan: Rahul sir, as I call him, has been a mentor and motivator to me ever since I got in touch with him 3 years ago when I joined his company Srijan as a developer. Well, even though that engagement as an employee didn’t last long, thankfully our relation did. Reminds you of some social networking platform ? Yes, LinkedInRelationships Matter ! If you’ve read my blog before, you would have noticed, I’ve mentioned about him on my People Page ever since I wrote that page.

About Niswey: Niswey’s a digital marketing startup. It deals in complete online branding and marketing strategies. Includes Web Analytics, User Behavior, Heatmaps, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (Advertising), Social Media Marketing. The list is not exhaustive as once we get involved with a brand, we have a lot more to offer, yes talk to our clients for testimonials ๐Ÿ™‚

The website is not still up, for the time being this is where we are putting things up. Hope this venture brings in much success and more importantly ‘satisfaction’ to all those who get aligned with it ! Wish us luck.

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