Gurgaon women: don't step out after 8 but what about men – don't step out after 7

I dont know where to start from. I dont know what to complain about

  • About the local Gurgaon crowd being inexplicable stupid? Mind you, the locals, read uneducated.
  • About my physique not being great? I cannot fight these tall healthy guys!
  • About me taking that shortcut route to home, which by the way every other ‘ordinary’ person takes?
  • or About Gurgaon Police – who tell me if I got assaulted and robbed of a Rs.32,000 phone – it is my fault that i carry an expensive phone? ‘Victim Blaming’ is quite a known feature of Gurgaon Police!

Yes, today while returning from office with my friend, we got assaulted, injured and robbed of my phone and whatever money my friend had. Thanks to some gutsy behavior in the later stages, we saved our laptops, our credit cards, my watch, some more cash and most importantly – our Lives!

And all this happened when the sun had barely set – around 7-7.30 PM! I got the message, Welcome to Gurgaon. 5 men surrounded us at a somewhat lonely patch of the road we take to home everyday and within few minutes we were running to save our lives! Probably the scariest incident of my life where for 5-10 mins i actually remained NUMB

By the way, a small question for Gurgaon Police – if women should not step out after 8 PM, should men stay inside after 7 PM?

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