How to download your Facebook Profile

Without wasting any time about anything irrelevant, will just tell you how to download your entire facebook profile information including status updates and photos etc.

1. Login to Facebook (of course :P)

2. Top right menu -> Click ACCOUNT–> ACCOUNT SETTINGS

You will see a page as shown below:

Facebook Profile Download

3. You will see a link “Download Your Information” and next to it a LEARN MORE link.

Click on that, you will asked to confirm that you wish to download and a big download link. Just click that…you are done!

Facebook Profile Download Link

You will get the information as a zip file, not immediately. It would take some time and you will get a notification when the file is generated.

Enjoy your profile ๐Ÿ™‚

3 Replies to “How to download your Facebook Profile”

  1. Cool…it works great, just that it takes time send the email. On the backdrop that I learnt how to unfriend just today (never felt such a need till date!!), downloading profiling is a big thing to know!!!

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