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Fake Experience Certificate at just Rs. 10,000: Now Legal ???

I was shell shocked to see this email I received a few days back.


We are providing Experience certificate for IT professionals (like Dot net,Java,DBA,Networking,Webdesigning,PHP,Mainframe,RUBY on Rails, etc) with life time verfication.

Details are as follows:
1) Offer letter/Appointment Letter
2) Experience CUM Releving Letter
3) Salary Slip
4) Corporate ID
5) Corporate Email ID

Charges : 10,000/- Rs

Do Call us for more details – 011-4164****


What ! I couldn’t believe my eyes on the first instant. Okay, I know it happens at quite a few places but I never thought that people would straightaway send mails along with their contact numbers ! Unless and until it’s legal how come can someone do that ? Are they not afraid of anyone ? The law, justice department, police ???
Well, I didn’t want to know much, after all I am not a journalist or in police that I get to the roots of the case, but I want to inform my readers that all such practices are fake and will only land you in trouble sooner or later in your life/career. Please avoid getting those fake experience letters as in the end a lie remains a lie. All private companies now get the background check through outsourced people and that too without the knowledge of the employees. What’s more is that now even the Public-Sector companies have followed the same route and are firing people who have some discrepancy in their CV’s.
Best is do some hard work and get some job through a truthful way rather than going for all those ways, even if you are jobless. It may do you some good in the short term but you will definitely be a loser in the long run. My genuine advice is “Please avoid these“.