Making a career move

Every time I used to read Jeremiah’s blog titled People on the move in the social business industry I used to think when would I make a move. Finally the time has come. Yes, I am making a move, not only in terms of career but also in terms of location. After an exciting and really fruitful 2.5 years at Bangalore, I am moving to Delhi.

Away from the lovely weather which can turn you on anytime of the day, will move back to the extremities of hot and cold weather ! From the IT capital to the National Capital. From a city which probably has the highest road taxes to the lowest ! From a city which releases movies in 5 different languages, most of which I don’t understand, to one which will have movies in just 2 languages, thankfully I understand both πŸ™‚ That also means I can watch 2-3 movies in theatres in my new city for the same price which I paid for a single movie in Bangalore. Loads that I can talk about the differences but let’s not make it too long.

Where am I joining ? I would be venturing out (yet again) and starting a Digital Marketing Company based out of Gurgaon. Lots of things happening around and lots in store but will have to wait for the right time before I can share everything… Stay tuned and wish me luck πŸ™‚

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  1. All the best Buddy , NCR is cool and that's where most of our college days memories are, plus you get Friends and equally aligned thinkers in the same workfield you are in .. have fun !

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